Cheyenne, Wyoming

1929 Marmon Model 78


     Rick Ammon has owned this car since 1961. It’s all original except the paint. Even the original “knobby” mud tires are under the side mount covers. Bought new in Denver in ‘29, the entire car has an extensive use of aluminum. It has a straight 8 cylinder engine with overhead valves, displacing nearly 220 cubic inches and 86 horsepower.

     Bootleggers would mount a “hooch tank” inside the trunk at the rear. This Marmon was an extremely fast car for the times and could outrun most police cars, maintaining 70 mph on the flat!

     It cost $2280 with six optional wire wheels, but the trunk and its two fitted, matched suitcases were $70 extra. There was a Marmon dealership in Cheyenne in 1929 near the corner of Evans and 17th Street. That garage is still there.

     This car retains its original 1961 Wyoming Pioneer license plate with the low number of “228”.

     The cute miniature Poodle has gone the way of most of the Marmon automobiles...

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