Cheyenne, Wyoming

1932 Ford Model B Coupe owned by Bob and Kathleen Kalasinsky


Bob and Kathleen own this fine 1932 Model B Ford.  The B indicates it’s a four cylinder engine.  The original owner decided that he wanted a pickup truck.  So he took a hacksaw and cold chisel to the back rumble seat area.  The rear panels and rain gutters were removed, spare tire rack cut off at the frame, and a wooden box was added.  


Kathleen’s father purchased the vehicle in the early 40s.  It had the distinction as the “unofficial” modified vehicle for a Model Conoco Service station in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  This five-window coupe was once painted Conoco green.  The rear area was used for hauling 30 gallon cans of used oil to the local dump for disposal in the 1940s-1950s.  For nearly twenty years the car sat in a yard—deteriorating a little more each month through wind, winter and hot, dusty summer months. 


In the late 1970s, Bob and Kathleen acquired this Ford and research began for restoration to its original design.  The earliest restoration process involved finding a rear portion of another five window coupe to obtain the rear deck panels, rumble seat lid and rain gutters.  Once Bob found it in Cheyenne he was thrilled, but Kathleen was not happy about spending $250 of disposable income for the parts. In her mind they couldn’t afford this purchase as a young married couple with two small children.


They were transferred to Denver in ‘82, and the restoration began again, visiting swap meets and getting various original parts, i.e. headlights, tire rack, etc.

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